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Bringing Mindfulness To Life - 5 Easy Ways

1. Body Awareness

Your body is always in the present moment, where else could it be? Your mind on the other hand can be just about anywhere and often is. A quick and easy way to bring mindful awareness to the present moment is to connect to your body. You can start with a simple grounding exercise and bring your awareness to a neutral body area and simply notice the sensations. I like to use the soles of the feet and feel their connection to socks, shoes, or the ground below. Some people focus on the sensations in their hands or other areas of the body that may be free of pain or discomfort.

2. Breath Awareness Break

You can introduce the ‘mindful minute’ throughout your day. When you notice you are heavily distracted or on auto pilot try bringing your awareness to the present moment by simply connecting with your breath. It's helpful to notice your breath where you feel it most in your body (usually this is with the rise and fall of the abdomen or chest, or at the nostrils). When you notice you have become distracted this is a moment of mindfulness. When you return your awareness back to the breath, this is the practice.

3. Mindful Speaking and Listening

When we speak to or listen to others we are often distracted and this compromises our ability to be fully present. We may be planning our next statement or judging what we just said or heard. This can make it difficult for us to bring authentic presence to our communication with others. Use your next conversation as an opportunity for mindfulness.

4. Mindful Activities

Turn everyday activities into mindfulness practices. The next time you have to wash your hands, make a meal, or virtually any activity, focus your awareness on what you are doing. See if it's possible to bring the quality of mindfulness to your activity and when you notice you've become distracted, gently invite your attention back just as you would with your breath.

5. Mindful Eating

Eating mindfully can help you connect to your sense of taste and the pleasure of food. Try removing distractions when you eat if possible. Eating mindfully often means eating more slowly and savoring. You can eat a whole meal mindfully or you can simply eat a few bites with mindful awareness. You may bring awareness to the look, smell, texture, or history of the food by reflecting on how it came to be in front of you.

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